Issue 3 - Age 7+

What you will receive in your Seeds Pack?


Story of going to Hajj

8 x Flashcards of the story

6 x Flashcards of the vocabulary

Exciting worksheets

Steps of Hajj make Ka'aba, Saafa / Marwa, Mount Arafat, Sheep/ Ramy

Audio / video via email


Surahs / dua

Flashcard of Bedroom dua

Audio / video via email



Flashcard of Mosque of Nabwi

Display picture of Mosque of Nabwi


Allah’s names

2 x Flashcards of Allah’s name

2 x Craft card of Allah’s name

Hand (Salam) reminder

Audio / video via email

Issue 3 will be posted from the 20th August

£15 + £2.99 Delivery in the UK only

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